D80-my first impressions

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Re: D80-my first impressions

First of all, while the viewfinder is definitely better than the
D70 and D50 versions that I looked at in a camera store, it isn't
nearly as nice as my 25+ year old Canon viewfinders.

first of all - welcome to digital SLR world!

About that viewfinder thing: I made some experience the other way around like you but same conclusions: Only shooting digital until then a couple of months ago someone handed me her old Pentax asking for taking a pic of her. She gave me a short introduction. Looking first time through such old viewfinder I was puzzled. Because it was so easy to focus manually in opposite to my D70s where it is often enought no real option.

So I was wondering why modern DSLRs are not implementing prisma viewfinders. Until now, I've no idea if there are some technical constraints. Or if it is just costs. Or maybe some R&D people think it would be too old fashioned?

Personally I'd whish to see such feature within my next body. Hopefully D200s

Btw, you could not have done better than starting with your D80! For sure you'll learn very fast. Controls are very intuitive with Nikon cams.

Have a good one
regards, eric

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