lenses for d80, help

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Re: lenses for d80, help

RGarcia wrote:

Dave Beaman wrote:

I don't know what type of photography in which you are interested,
but I have the Nikon 17-70mm and it is a great lens for all around
shooting of people. I am not sure of the newer lens but this one is
a keeper. This includes a wide angle when applying the FoV.

In the old days of film we cautioned against having a lens that
went from extreme wide to very long. I think some of those cautions
can still be applied.


Thanks Dave
I would mostly shoot photos of people. Not portraits necessarily,
but i'm debating whether or not the 24-85 would be worth it, even
though it doesnt have the ED glass

go for fast glass. a lot of pros r using that tamron 28-75 2.8 and they can be had new for $350 or less. and for the same doe u can pick up a mint used nikon 35-70 2.8d. i just took delivery of mine today and so far i love it.

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