How 2 shoot high ISO with the D80-Opinion

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Re: How 2 shoot high ISO with the D80-Opinion

Thanks, Walter for the info. I'm happy that you're finding the D80 usable for professional work at higher iso's. Reducing the file size does seem to "hide" the noise as well as blurriness. That makes sense to me. It would be better though if you set WB not from the kodak Gray card. These are calibrated to give you a reflectance value that is = to 18% gray but they are not color neutral. It gets you close to it but not really right on. Shooting a GretagMcbeth chart would be ideal or other color neutral WB cards in the market. It's good to hear that you are able to handhold at 1/30 of a sec. with a 50 mm. lens. I do not have the confidence to shoot people at this slow a speed as I find I cannot get CONSISTENTLY sharp captures. I do not believe DR has anything to do with file size but I'm glad to hear that you find DR good with the D80 at hi-iso. DR usually goes down as the iso goes up.

If I may ask, how would you quantify the difference in noise at iso 1600 between the D80 and the 5D? A sample would be appreciated.
Many Thanks.

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