How 2 shoot high ISO with the D80-Opinion

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Re: How 2 shoot high ISO with the D80-Opinion


That's good to hear. I guess Nikon's new image processing engine does it's job well.

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Walter S Matthews wrote:

I purchased the D80 primarily for high ISO shooting at weddings
where flash is not allowed.

My primary camera for these situations has been the Canon 5D and
althought it is clearly the high ISO champ for low noise, I have
never been happy with the color saturation and tone rendering
because red always seems exagerated and yellow seems to creep in
all too often. Perhaps and probably it is because I have never
really learned to use the Canon and I won't claim it can't do the
job but almost all my lenses are Nikon and I want a high ISO nikon
mount camera. I also shoot the Fuji S3. The S3 is a great camera
and gives very good low noise shots at iso 1600 but when the light
level falls to where I need iso 1600 the S3 just won't focus
properly and I am left with my camera searching for focus while the
action passes me by.

Anyway, so far in my hands the D80 is a very good performar at iso
1600. I found yesterday, while trying out my options that if I
shoot at the medium image size, i.e. at 5.6 MB, at iso 1600, custom
white balance with a Kodak 18% grey card in tungsten lighting,
50mm-F1.4 lens set at F2 using 1/30 of a second exposure, I get
astonishing images. The noise is there but well in control. Using
normal NR the images are nicely saturated and the colors are what I
would expect from much lower ISO settings. Moreover, I believe that
there is significant and obviously more DR in the shots because of
the reduced image size and in the last 3 years of exclusive digital
shooting at weddings I have not had a request to make a single
image from the low light level areas at greater than 11x14 and
11x14's are beautiful under these conditions.

I am a happy camper with the D80 , and by the way, I believe the
low light shots from the D80 at medium image size at iso 1600 are
visibly better than the images I get from the D200 under the same
conditions. Color is better and noise is lower.

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