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Re: XTi VS D80

One more plus for the D80:

I really like the remote wireless commander mode. I got the D50 seven months ago because it was much cheaper than the D70s at the time (D50 was $499 @ Adorama 7 months ago).

Being able to wirelessly trigger a flash is a very useful feature for doing portraits and product shots. It really gives you a lot of creative freedom... I almost contemplated about returning my D50 for a D70s because D50 does not have this wireless flash commander mode.

Now, D80 has an even better wireless flash commander mode!! It can now control two groups of flashes instead of just one with D70/D70s. Everyone agrees that lighting is an important part of photography... being able to place the flash whereever you want... is a very good thing to have, especially for portraits!

You can certainly do it with Canon... but Canon requires you to purchase a wireless flash transmitter (such as Canon ST-E2, $209 @ B&H) when you can have it for free on the D80 (and along with the other features on D80, more than justifies the $200 difference in MSRP between the two cameras).

Obviously, coming from the Nikon side (though I do use Rebel XT weekly), I will probably unknowingly forget to mention some of the "good stuff" about 400D... I am just trying to advocate the pros and cons for the D80... and Canon users can pitch in and bring up what you think are the pros & cons of the 400D.

Again, I'll reemphasize... I really like the Canon 30D and Nikon D80... but I just don't like the handling of 400D (from my experience with the 350D, which I gotta use weekly).

activin wrote:
Disclaimer: I shoot a Nikon D50, so I may be biased.

If I were you, I would either get the D80 or the Canon 30D. The
XTi/400D is just uninspiring, maybe except the dust removal
feature. You mentioned that you do not like the A100 because of its
crappy build quality, well, the build quality is just as bad on the

With the D80, you will get

1.) much brighter and larger viewfinder, with on-demand grid lines
(pentaprism, not the cheaper pentamirrow found in cheaper cameras)
2.) a dedicated, backlit, status LCD panel (very important to me;
do you look at the status LCD panel on your Sony 828?)
3.) better focus with D200's CAM1000 AF module
4.) better ergonomics... the D80 is just an natural extension of
your hand and mind when you hold it. Try it for yourself! I did...
and I love it!!!
5.) and a few others... compare it for yourself by looking at the
preview articles of both camera on this website.
6.) better kit lens selection, 18-70mm and 18-200mm VR are both
very good, and the new 18-135mm kit lens appears to be quite decent

Rebel XTi does offer a few things that the D80 does not have, for
instance, it has the dust removal feature (it's really not that big
of a deal, really), it has a better mirror lockup feature compared
to D80...

Now, on to LENSES! Canon dominates the super-tele market (these
cost several thousands $$$) and Canon does offer one of the best
bang for your buck lens in the 70-200mm L f/4 lens (non IS).
However, Nikon is not too shabby itself with respect to tele-zoom
lenses too! The 70-200mm VR is slightly cheaper and has been
reported to be sharper than the Canon equivalent, 70-200mm L IS.
Nikon just released a 70-300mm VR lens to compete with Canon's new
& excellent 70-300mm IS. You mentioned that you want to shoot
soccer, that's why I am bringing up these lenses in the tele-end....

To reiterate, I would buy either the D80 or step up to Canon's 30D,
but not the Rebel XTi. People tend to read reviews and opinions on
these forums, but these are NOT substitutes for trying out the
camera for yourself... see which camera has better ergonomics. At
the store, just try simple things as changing ISO or white
balance... see for yourself whether you like the Nikon way or the
Canon way. If you like the Canon way, then go for a Canon! If you
like the Nikon way, then go for a Nikon!

I did just this (D50 vs. 350D), and I ended up preferring the Nikon
way, so I purchased the Nikon! (although I still shoot a Rebel XT
weekly because my fellowship group uses Rebel XT).

Honestly, I think the Canon 400D is a bit uninspiring, maybe except
the dust removal feature.

gordruns wrote:

I have been shooting digital for a few years using Sony (F707 &
F828) and am ready to move on and up to a DSLR. I saw the new Sony
A100 and was totally unimpressed with the build quality. I have
been shooting outdoor sports, womens soccer in paticular, and would
like a camera that allows me to continue. I'd also like the
flexibility to shoot indoors in lower light conditions without
every shot looking noisey, so...

I'm considering both the Canon XTi and Nikon D80 and can't make any
sort of an informed decision between the two. I realise this forum
might be more than a little biased but truthfully in everyones
opinion how do they seem to stack up and which would offer me the
best step up in performance from what I'm currently using (F828)?

Any thoughts on a good lens combination? I thought something in the
18 - 55mm range or maybe just an 18 - 200mm??

Any and all suggestions are appreciated!

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