Well, my D80 came 2 hous ago from Ritz

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Re: Well, my D80 came 2 hous ago from Ritz

I paired a D80-body with the 18-70mm. Just put the whole rig together and have the battery charging; snapped a few shots before it got low on power. After much web searching and procrastination, I found that a local camera shop in Waterbury, VT had a handful of D80 bodies come in today. Nice to buy local from good guys after not finding the precise setup I wanted online.

All I can say is...what a camera. I handled a D200 and sat it side-by-side with the D80, and being a tactile guy with big hands, I really liked the feel and heft of the D200. But the D80 wins on the cost/benefit, so much content for a grand. It is in it own right a gorgeous camera.

My plan is to run with a two-lens setup, the 18-70mm I just bought and the 70-300mm VR when I can get my hands on one. Does that sound like a sensible pairing? The lens ends are both 67mm, so I can share filters across the two.

This is a long time coming. The D80 is replacing a Canon A-1 bought in Hong Kong in August '83.

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