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Hi Gordruns,

It's shocking sometimes how rude some people can be. Would you shout and be rude to somebody like that on the streets? No (or at least I would hope), so I wouldn't expect it any different on this forum. Some people.....

Anyway Gordruns, I am by no means a professional, but here's my advice to you.

In my experience, Canon glass is much more affordable. It is also better quality than what you will get for Nikkor glass (Nikon official lenses) at the same price range and focal length.

When you watch football or a professional soccer game on TV, try and spot the photographers on the sides. You'll notice (or at least I do) that the vast majority have huge white lenses. This is Canon L glass. Which shows that most of the people shooting sports in those situations are using Canon equipment & glass.

Obviously, as you're shooting soccer, sooner or later I suspect you'll want a lens with a lot of reach. You'll not have to sell your house and your husband/wife/kids to get a decent - long range, Canon lens. Just the kids for Canon lenses ;).

Obviously a key part of sports photography is having a fast shutter speed or your shots can come out very blurry. Now, when the sun is out and it's shining bright this is not such a problem. But, the sun will not always be shining bright. This means to get the shutters speeds you need, you'll have to step up the ISO.

Canon cameras are very good in comparison to the Nikon competition when it comes to how noisey images get when shot at high ISO's. Which is probably why most sports photographers choose Canon.

A) Cheaper, high quality, long focal length glass.

B) Flexibility of being able to use high ISO's with out noisey images if the day calls for it.

Hope this helps!

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