Well, my D80 came 2 hous ago from Ritz

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They should have called it D199 :)


I love mine too, glad to head so many positive comments. Finally!!

All the bashing on the other posts are very irritating, since people haven't even handled the camera themselves. Bunch pixel peepers!!

Just the controls worth the 1000 $. After using my D50 for a year, D80 feels like a gift from God!! My favorite things so far are: backlit top LCD, 2 ISO buttons, zoom controls are simply amazing! Large View Finder is a marvel, large LCD and many many more things. I'm sure I'll be discovering new things everyday!

samjstern wrote:

Wait you play with this and look at the images on the computer.
To me it is a baby D200.
Lots of external controls, 10 Mp .
Wait to you see the zoom in button to look at an image.
Just one button, push it zoom, push again it zooms more, push again
it and agin.
Lots of external buttons for controls just like the D200.
I have just not tried the image quality at 1600 ISo yeat.

That comes tonight., but what I see here now is very very excellent.

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