DA16-45 VS Sigma 17-70 test {seek conclusion}

Started Sep 5, 2006 | Discussions thread
John Lai Senior Member • Posts: 2,579
Re: a very good thread

ssyli wrote:

It's definitly the best lens to replace the kit 18-55 IMHO. I
didn't mention in my original post, I actually went through

Sigma 28-80 DG EX -> DA16-45 -> Sigma 17-70 (back focus) -> Sigma
24-70 DG EX -> DA16-45 -> Sigma 17-70

How would you know that a lens has back focus? I have heard of several cases of the 17-70 back focusing. That scares me a bit as I have to order online and not from a store to which I can go for an exchange.


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