Well, my D80 came 2 hous ago from Ritz

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Re: Well, my D80 came 2 hous ago from Ritz

Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see the photos.

LOL! This is not a dig but you spelled "sweat" wrong. Believe you meant to say sweet. In any case this remeinds me of my high school days ( a long time ago). Seems I was using that same word to sign senior year books to the girls. I must have signed 50 girls yearbooks with "to a sweat girl" ... Oh my! I'll bet that went over big!

Have fun with your D80. I have to wait a bit longer to get mine with the 18-135 kit lens.


samjstern wrote:

All I can say is buy this camera.
To me it's image quality and controls are excellent.
I have a D50 , D70 , D70s , and 3 D200's I use for weddings.
The D70 and D70s go on ebay today.
I am getting another D80.
It is SWEAT.

I will post images and more tonight.
Many of you were sitting on the fence and waiting.
Don't wait, go for it.
Just let me get another first.

It have some great new features.
Nikon really came through with this one.
Just don'y forget to get a SD card also, it does NOT use Cf cards.

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