Well, my D80 came 2 hous ago from Ritz

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Re: Well, my D80 came 2 hous ago from Ritz

Yup..I ordered mine from RITZ on 08-09 and it's coming today....BUT I'm stuck here at work till 8 tonight....dang it! I was actually surprized Ritz and NIKON have their act together and ship so early. I honestly wasn't expecting it till October.

Yes shooting at iso 1600 is somewhat important but people seem to forget if you shoot with a fast lens like my 85mm 1.8 you can shoot at lower ISO's thus a much cleaner picture. I've blown up d50's pictuces on my Canon i9900 13x19 at 800 and 1600 iso...both look good but the 800 looked better up close....but who looks at a picture that closely (less than a foot away). I like the D50 alot until I gave it to my Dad a month ago for the d80. I shoot lots of low light pictures but I usually stay away from zooms or slow lenses. Just my two cents.


I can't stand waiting!

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