Still no K100D Review

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Re: Still no K100D Review

newsshooterjim wrote:

Like most other shooters here, I can answer your white balance
concern by explaining that you will likely see a yellowish cast to
some jpegs, particularly shot indoors under tungsten.

However, as I've said, if you go in photoshop and just desaturate
the yellow a bit, that quick and dirty fix largely cures the issue.

As another poster mentioned as well, if you shoot raw, you don't
have any problem at all. I don't shoot that much raw, so I just
pull down the yellow a bit.

I really appreciate your advice, but I have said many times in this and another thread that my concern had to do with natural sunlight.

My first digi was a Canon S30. I'm well aware of the havoc tungsten can wreak on most digicams' AWB.

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