It's foolish NOT to pick up a D80

Started Sep 5, 2006 | Discussions thread
RomanJohnston Forum Pro • Posts: 18,865
Guess we have a diffrent definition of foolish...

Foolish to me is buying a camera that is sight unseen....before even real tests (not previews) are done.

As a matter of fact, I wolnt buy any camera any more till I have seen the things that go wrong voiced here in this forum (despite the fact that they often get OVER stated here to the point of nasium)

I did what you did with my D70 back in 2004, and it has had 2 visits to nikon wonderland for issues.

Buying later dosnt guarantee a defect free product...but it enhances the odds in your favor....and you know what to look for as common problem areas.

Just my .02


Photography in about the love of the beauty of your subject. Without that....all the technology in the world will not help you get a good picture.

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