It's foolish NOT to pick up a D80

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Hi Mark..... Thanks for asking....

At the expense of taking over this thread... I appreciate your asking and boy... that is a good question (probably not so easily defined.... once placed in a position to do so...... :-). I guess to start with as a "frame of reference" and what I would call "great Jpeg pic's" (realizing that is really a matter of personal taste), Pierre's images simply "blow me away". I'm sure you know which they are - but if not just search for him on the D2/200 Dpreview forum.

So.... if I could get clarity (detail sharpness) and colors/richness of color without blowing things out..... like that, I'd be a really happy camper :-). In short, I'm not. I've tried the preferred settings (which are what Pierre uses); I've tried some settings recommended by Anthony on the FujiSLR forum, and I've played with almost every setting on the D200 I can... (to the point that at this juncture, I'm probably confused!! :-(.

I have posted some pics on the FujiSLR forum of comparisions I took between my S3 and D200 two days ago... w/a update. They show some of what I'm getting. Also have some on my Pbase:

At this point, I'm wondering if it, my glass (shooting w/a 18-200VR) - possibly I need "great glass", or do I have a screwy D200 (or 18-200) or is it just "ME"... (Probably the latter... :-).

Could be that I'm looking for "too much" "directly Out of the Camera" and need better post processing techniques. I'm not the sharpest tack in the box when it comes to that... ...

Thanks much,


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