It's foolish NOT to pick up a D80

Started Sep 5, 2006 | Discussions thread
bobmax Veteran Member • Posts: 6,380
Re: It's foolish NOT to pick up a D80

To me the big deciders are two things:
1) Does it have better Jpeg performance than the D200?
2) Does it have better High ISO Performanc than the D200?

3) And for both of those..... is it "much/noticeably" better or just marjinally so?

I prefer shooting Jpeg due to less workflow and am enjoying the better high ISO performance of my Fuji S3..... I admittedly (and probably my own fault) having trouble w/Jpegs from my D200.... Even using Nikonians and Pierre's settings. Frustrating but have not given up "yet"...


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