DA16-45 VS Sigma 17-70 test {seek conclusion}

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Re: DA16-45 VS Sigma 17-70 test {seek conclusion}

To me the Sigma looks sharper at F/4, but as you say maybe at the edges the Pentax is sharper. This is probably because of the shorter zoom range. I prefer the more natural color of the Pentax personally, and since in-camera white balance tends to be more on the warm side anyway I don't mind if the Pentax is cooler. This was one reason why I traded the Sigma 50/2.8 DG macro for the Pentax D-FA 50/2.8 macro. Of these two lenses I thought there wasn't much difference at all in sharpness, but color and bokeh was more pleasing from the Pentax.

Anyway, nice pair of zooms you got! I feel a greater sense of balance in the Pentax than in the Sigma overal. This is why I like the DA 18-55 even though it's not really a "great" lens.


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