Another EOS 40D rumour

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jankanpaa wrote:

Doesn´t look that bad for being a Nikon cam...

For Nikon it might not be bad, but if you look at those photos you do see higher noise. I'm sure if you do searching around the web for sample shots you'll see the same thing. Higher resolution means nothing if you get noise as your noise filters will destroy that extra resolution and then some.

Anyway, I don't see the point in a comparison between the D80 and the 30D. They are not similar lines of cameras and they are not meant for the same entry-level consumer. The better comparison will be between the D80 and the 400D, which are much similar cameras and meant for the entry-level DSLR shooter.

For anyone out there looking for which brand to buy, keep an eye on the D80 and the 400D reviews and samples and make your product line choice from there.

Why don´t you just relax man... Nikon improving (?) its high iso
performance doesn´t make you a worse photographer, does it ... Nor
quoting Ansel Adams a better one...

No, Nikon improving doesn't make me better or worse because I don't use their cameras. However, when someone posts up about a comparison, I think it is worth being accurate so that people who are considering which entry level camera to buy can get a real feal for the pros and cons of each line of cameras. Nikon's low light ability doesn't matter to me directly, but it sure does matter to those that buy their cameras.

As to my Ansel Adams quote, I guess you're trying to be cute or just outright insulting, as your general tone denotes. The quote is meant to get people thinking and I find it insightful.

Muddler wrote:
Was that "how good" or "how bad?" What I saw were samples showing
the same old higher noise levels for Nikon.

I'm not sure why it remains to be seen which sensor is better. The
results are out there. Nikon has slighly more MP and more noise.
If you shoot only in well lit areas, go for Nikon if you otherwise
like it.

But the comparison of the D80 with the 30D? That seems odd.
Better comparison is D80 with 400D.

thereur wrote:

I don't know that it's that hard. Yes, there is a bit of static,
but the first I saw a link of samples showing how good the D80 at
high ISO, was here on the Canon board. I'd say the majority of
posts have good tips on comparing.

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'A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained
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'A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words.'

  • Ansel Adams

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