DA16-45 VS Sigma 17-70 test {seek conclusion}

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Re: DA16-45 VS Sigma 17-70 test {seek conclusion}

Hi John,

But surely nobody relies on preset WB? There are huge differences
across the Pentax lens colours, my DA40 looks decidedly pink if I
leave it on a preset, just as the Sigma looks too yellow. The

Surely you don't rely on AWB? :-o

But seriously, my DS is nearly always set to sunny. For me, it's the only way to truly see what kind of light conditions result in what colors. I can always change the white balance to whatever I feel like later in pp since I shoot RAW almost exclusively, so if sunny is not the best white balance for a shot I can always change it later. Having all the shots set to the same white balance lets me see different lighting conditions from the same baseline - like shooting a favorite brand of film. It's just one less variable to consider. It also allows me to see the differences in my lenses more. Some of my lenses have color rendering I really like, and want to preserve across a set of images. Using AWB would take that away. Granted, I could change it all back to standard values in PP, but this way if I learn to get it right the first time, there might not be any need to change anything at all.


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