DA16-45 VS Sigma 17-70 test {seek conclusion}

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Re: DA16-45 VS Sigma 17-70 test {seek conclusion}

KL Matt wrote:

I personally don't like the Sigma colors at all. I think the Pentax
looks great.

If both had been custom white-balanced you wouldn't see a difference. Or to put it another way, if they had been balanced for the Sigma the Pentax would have looked terrible.

I did some tests a while ago with some of the lenses I commonly use, in a sort-of standard daylight (summer, noon, light overcast). I did WB on each lens in identical lighting using the eyedropper tool in ACR on a Macbeth checker as a target. These were the WB settings that ACR produced:

Sigma 17-70 5900 7
Samsung 50-200 6150 7
Pentax DA40 6200 3
Pentax A50/1.4 6050 8
Pentax K35/3.5 6250 3
Pentax K28/3.5 6160 8
Zenitar 16 5950 13

As you can see the Sigma is a lot warmer (like the Zenitar) but unlike the Zenitar has no excess green tint. If each lens is properly white balanced there's no visible colour shift at all.

It's not like with film, where you get whatever the lens delivers... and in fact the I find Sigma is more neutral than the Pentax lenses - the colour temperature measured from the Macbeth is closer to reality. In any case there's just as big a difference between (say) A50/1.4 and the DA40 as there is between the same A50 and the Sigma - it's just that it's in the opposite direction!

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