DA16-45 VS Sigma 17-70 test {seek conclusion}

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KL Matt Veteran Member • Posts: 5,916
Re: DA16-45 VS Sigma 17-70 test {seek conclusion}

Hi Steve,

that they are pretty even for sharpness, though with the F4 top
shot the "hairs" at the back are sharper on the 16-45 indicating
its focusing further back -

But if you're talking about that tuft of hair on the back of the doll's head, then look at f/8 - there, it's unsharp. Either the AF of the lenses or the tester picked totally different focus points for each image. It makes it difficult to compare sharpness. What really surprised me was how much contrast and sharpness the Sigma has and also the huge difference in color temp. Unless of course AWB was selected... ?

I personally don't like the Sigma colors at all. I think the Pentax looks great.


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