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Re: Gimp and Cinepaint

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Cinepaint? I am not sure what kind of animal that is. It is in 0.21
now and it is aimed at film industry. I don't know about the
Windows support. It is a mess really. More words and intentions and
whatever than I really is interested in knowing about.

Is CinePiant a general tool for manipulating photo?

Its is a fork of the gimp project (I think something like version 1.3) where they added some extra features to make it more useable for editing individual frames from film. So they added 16-bit RGB and, if I've read it right, CMYK. I don't see any reason why I couln't be used for photo's unless it doesn't support JPEG.

I don't actually use it, I just came across it while searching for gimp timescales for 16bit rgb. As you say the website is a mess and while they have screenshots of it running on windows there appears to be only source code so getting a running windows version may involve a large number of contortions.


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