D60 - not rumor!!!

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Re: D60? That name suggests lower model than D30.

Trenton wrote:

Are you sure you got the name right, Pete?

Usually with Canon, the lower the number, the higher up the camera
is on the food chain. A D60 would indicate it's a less
feature-laden camera than the D30. It seems like a D20 or a D3
would follow Canon's naming ideology. (i.e. EOS 1, 3, 5, 10s, 30,
50, 300, 500, etc...)


I think Canon has five series of EOS SLRs:

EOS-1?, EOS-x (x > 1), EOS-x0, EOS-x00, EOS-x000.

'x' may be anything that has not been used before so in my opinion
EOS-(D)30 could be followed by e.g. EOS-(D)40. The newer camera the
better features it has, thus the whole EOS-(D)4xxx line would exceed
the current EOS-(D)3xxx line in features and functionality. The value of
'x' has no meaning or order in itself except that it identifies the "family".

EOS-1? is an exception for obvious reasons.

My opinion of course only. Any arguments against?


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