Another EOS 40D rumour

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Re: Half-right

That's the US magazine "Outdoor Photographer" and not the UK "Outdoor Photography"...

And I don't need to read the magazine, the op has quoted the rumour, I trust that quote and the discussion is based on that.

Anyway, lets move on and keep the discussion at the original subject.

David Martin wrote:
Here's a link to the magazine then - but the October edition is not
on the web yet:

Duarte Lourenco wrote:

David Martin wrote:

The link to the article in Outdoor Photography.
Not on the net, obviously.

Since I already had commented the quote (again I don't think it is
meaningful enough to indicate a 30D successor), and since you said
"link", and since I don't happen to have the magazine at hand (in
my signature it is written that I'm from Portugal, and this
magazine is published in the UK), I obviously (and I stress the
obvious part) inferred that the link you mentioned might refer to
something else, possibly in another thread.

I think you were aware of what I was saying.

I expect you to understand now that I wasn't.

Duarte Lourenco wrote:
What link?

The quote given uses the plural, yes. But that's not enough to
grant a 30D replacement.

David Martin wrote:
Whether youa re correct or not about it being too early for a 30D
replacement, the link given was certainly referring to one, as well
as the 400D

Duarte Lourenco wrote:

It's too early for a 30D substitute, the scoop was refering to the

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Duarte Lourenço, Portugal

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