Another EOS 40D rumour

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Totally wrong

Well, it is totally wrong in two different ways.

First, you are reading it and there is no new 40D (but there was a new Rebel) announcement, so it is wrong there. Yes, I know, October issue, but the mag is obviously out or you couldn't have read it.

Second, the D80 didn't leapfrog the 30D. At most it has a nearly meaningless increase in resolution. The 30D retains the better sensor that more than counters the D80's minor increase in MP, plus the 30D has additional advanced features.

The D80 was a play towards the Rebel market, and Canon just punched Nikon in the face when it announced a lower priced, same resolution, better sensor Rebel model.

The 40D will come when it comes. Probably sometime next year.

Keithgg wrote:

From the October 2006 issue of Outdoor Photography (UK).
In the news item announcing the new Nikon D80 they make the statement:

“What’s more, it leapfrogs Canon’s consumer-level cameras the EOS
350D and the EOS 30D, although successor-models to these are almost
certain to have been announced by the time you read this.”

A leak, prediction, or only half right?
Time will tell.

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