Purchased a 400D today

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Purchased a 400D today

Moved up from the original 300D to the 400D. The 300D has been a workhorse for me, and has really been a reliable cameras through thick and thin... but I felt that the jump from 6 MPix to 10 MPix (along with some newer features) was worth the effort.

First impressions:

1) This thing is damn fast! Both in starting up and taking photos... exceptionally faster than the 300D.

2) The readout of the settings on the main LCD works fine, even in broad daylight. Easy to read. Some LCDs tend to get washed out in bright sunlight... and I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to see the settings... seems okay though.

3) I have big hands (long fingers) and the grip is certainly different than the 300D... but I'm not having any difficulty adjusting to it. On a side note... the 400D is about 5 oz lighter than the 300D... nice!

4) Still no live histogram (damn!). Exposures though are coming in good - even in difficult lighting.

5) Putting my face to the viewer tends to leave skin oils on the LCD, which causes a noticable effect when viewing photos (a quick wipe with a shirt clears it). I didn't have this problem with the 300D... perhaps a side effect of having a much larger display.

6) File sizes (JPEG - fine resolution) are running about 4.5MB average, but sometimes go above 6MB.

I got my camera at Best Buy... many thanks to the other posters here who notified that it was available... I called them first thing this morning... and sure enough, they had 5 in stock (Folsom, CA.)

The link below is one photo I took today... I'm using a Tamron 18-200 zoom... The ISO was 200 on this photo... handheld shot... can't remember too much else.

Overall, I'm very, very impressed so far.

Best wishes,
Charles Lee

Other photos: http://www.beautifulvista.com/personal.htm

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