Dimage 7 and external flashes -- Sunpak?

Started Jan 2, 2002 | Discussions thread
Carol O'Keefe New Member • Posts: 2
Re: Dimage 7 and external flashes -- Sunpak?

Just a word of warning the Sunpak 4000AF does not work in TTL mode
with the D7.You have to work out the aperture yourself in manual
mode either with a flashmeter or by trial and error.The only
flashguns that work with the D7 are Minolta 5600HS(D) and the
3600HS(D) and give all functions.Also the (D) is very important as
the 5600HS and 3600HS are different.

Just want to verify that there is no Sunpak that works with the D7. I contacted Sunpak and they told me that the 5000AF I received for Christmas had never been tested on a D7 and they did not give me an alternative Sunpak. I suppose that I should return the Power Zoom 5000AF and get one of the Minolta Flashes that specify D. Don't want to be redundant but I just want to do this once and be done with it.


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