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Here is what I learned so far

Roland and John have been very helpful on the Proxel forum. I have posted this message as this information is not readily aparent in the manual or online FAQ. I hope Roland doesn't mind.

Each lens should be profiled separately. This means each in it's own file. So I got the lenses I wanted to profile, the Zenitar 16, SMC-A 28 and the DA 18-55mm kit lens and I created three profiles.

With the prime lenses I took three images of my front door, from straight on, angled from the left and angled from the right. I then used each image to highlight straight lines for analysis.

On the zoom I took as many images as I could a various focal lengths concentrating on the wide end. In each case you will only be able to analyze one focal length at a time, even if all the images are preloaded. The Analyzer will group the images by focal length when you are ready to do the line selection. After all the images are successfully analyzed don't forget to save the file.

The XC and YC values may not follow any pattern and are generally not necessary for correection (I actually don't understand when they would be useful) so they can be left uncalculated. All the calculated results I got were near zero so I can see where they may have very little impact on correction.

I do understand why the Lens Corrector is in the File> Automate menu but it is a little awkward not finding it in filters.

I would post pics but so far the only ones I have are of my front door used to run against the analyzer, and nobody wants to see fuzzy pictures of my front door.
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