I planned for everything except Uncle Joe

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I planned for everything except Uncle Joe

I shot a wedding recently where the B&G were very receptive to me using pocket wizards and strobes bounced off of the ceiling. They liked that there would be no flash coming from the camera and how little they even noticed the strobes when I showed them in advance of the wedding. It was a smaller church that did not have a center isle but had two isles coming in on an angle. I set up a total of 5 strobes hidden from view and had them on two different channels for shots from the front and from the back of the church. After some careful pre-wedding adjustments, the light metered pretty even through out the church. The photo locations were very limited due to the size and layout of the church and the flowers located in strategic areas.

Everything was perfect until Uncle Joe and Cousin Bob showed up with their point & shoots. Uncle Joe felt it was his obligation to get everyone coming down the isle and to get the best angle, he took a step into the isle until the subjects were right in front of him and even when he moved back into his seat, the eyes of the subjects were still looking at him.

Then during the ceremony, my wife was positioned in back of the alter, off to the side to get the shots of the B&G exchanging their vows. Of course Uncle Joe is seen in all of these pictures holding his P&S up in the air trying to get a shot of everything.

At the same time, I am in the back of the church shooting over the center pews. It would have been perfect except cousin Bob was sitting dead center near the front with his P&S as high as he could hold it.

Even outside when the B&G were leaving the church, everyone made two lines down the steps of the church except Joe & Bob who were walking backwards down the steps to make sure they each got some nice pictures of the B&G.

When the Mother of the Bride picked up the proofs yesterday, she actually apologized to me for her relatives getting in the way. She was visibly disappointed that they were in so many of the pictures.

This was my second and last wedding and I had to compete with P&S cameras at both weddings. The B&G of the first wedding insisted on me not using a flash but there must have been 15 P&S flashes going off through out the ceremony. While I had to deal with a poorly lit church and bright stained glass windows all around, all of the P&S cameras got the benefit of some fill flash to offset all of the windows.

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