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The XTi is in Denver. Here are first impressions from a 10D guy.

First of all, I'd like to verify that this camera in Denver. I just tested it at the Best Buy at Park Meadows mall.

Anyway, here are my first impressions from the store. NOTE: I DID NOT GET TO ASSESS IMAGE QUALITY. There was no compact flash card to use, but I did get to play with focus, menus, etc., etc.

First of all, I currently have a 10D, and have been wanting to jump up to the DIGIC II processor line. My buddy has a 300D and was also testing with me. We both thought the XTi was the promised land!. Unfortunately, there was also a 30D right next to the XTi

We did extensive tests back and forth between the two of them. The simple answer is that now we both want a 30D. Anyway, please take into account where we are coming from and how limited our test was before lasting out at me I just wanted to give back to this forum, my opinions, since I get so much from it. Anway, here are the details:

1. I have read all the reviews about the original XT being much smaller than other cameras and people having issues with it. I thought, "Oh, that's no big deal, I could live with it. People are just over-reacting". Well, personally, I think it really is a bigger deal than I once thought. The XTi is so small and my hand was feeling cramped after holding it for about 45 minutes in the store. My buddy agreed with me. That said, if you already have a XT, you shouldn't have any problem adjusting. In fact, the distance between the Drive button and the Exposure comp button has been increased between the XTi and XT (there was also an XT there too). And the grip seemed "grippier" on the XTi.

2. 5 fps is significantly faster than 3 fps. This was another misconception I had. I thought I could also live with 3fps, since that is what I have on the 10D. When I started firing shots on the 30D, my friend and I were amazed at the speed. We tested both cameras at 1/1000 on manual so that we were fair. I just never realized until I shot side by side how much faster that is.

3. Changing ISO, AF, White Balance, is much easier on the XTi. My friend and I agreed on that. The lack of an LCD on the top panel is No Big Deal at all, and we actually preferred it being on the generous 2.5" LCD. Advantage XTi on that front.

4. The viewfinder in the 30D is bigger and brighter than the XTi. We preferred that. Its quite noticeable.

5. Autofocus is much improved over my 10D on both cameras. Man, we were tracking people in AL-Servo mode in the store (they probably thought we were pyschos) and it is definitely quick.

6. Start-up time on both cameras compared to the 10D is unbelievable. Its instantaneous.

7. Buffer was very generous on both cameras.

I think that's all. The XTi is certainly an upgrade from my 10D, its just that I prefer the feel of the 30D and the faster fps. For an extra, $300 or so bucks, I just think it is worth it for me to get the 30D. I hope this helps anyone in the 10D camp thinking about getting the XTi. Make up your own mind, but definetly go and try out the XTi before you buy. Play with it and hold it for awhile.

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