400D XTI first impressions

Started Sep 1, 2006 | Discussions thread
Anthony de Vries Veteran Member • Posts: 3,789
Re: 400D XTI first impressions

sarge912 wrote:

I can't seem to explain it but the grip seems better to me than the
XT did.

I can explain that... It's not the same grip as on the 350D.

From Canon's white paper:

"To improve holding ease, a convenient new rubber slip guard for the thumb (back, top right) and a new grip shape in the back have been incorporated. The grip is also thicker by 1 mm."

So, it's bigger, and differently shaped. Good to hear that you indeed notice the improvement. I'm also still using the 300D. Have felt the 350D once (when buying the 17-55 IS) and didn't like it at all. (At least not when using big lenses on it). I'm curious to feel the 400D now.

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