400D XTI first impressions

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400D XTI first impressions

I can't believe the buffer. My old camera is a 300D. I had a shoot this week where I was photographing a bus that was being exploded.
The guy with the detonator messed up and I only got one shot (the last of 4)

I took over 30 shots in a row with my XTi while a buddy of mine danced around waving at me. He got tired before the camera did.
I will never miss "you may kiss the bride" again.
BTW I am using a SanDisk Extreme III 2.0, which really rocks also.

I love the back screen, it is gigantic compared to my Digital Rebel and I can read it easily.

BTW, it turns the screen off when the camera is to your eye, like my old Minolta 7i does. (I still love that little camera and it still takes great pictures.)

I am very happy with the skin tones so far.

I will have to play a lot more. We have the AirShow in town here this weekend and I am going to try to get some shots with my Sigma 70-300.

I can't seem to explain it but the grip seems better to me than the XT did.
I passed on the XT because it didn't feel right and I couldn't read the screen.

I had seen on another site that it had a PC Terminal but I can't seem to find it. I suspect it was either a misprint or I am looking for the wrong thing.

The doors for the battery and the card seems a little flimsy.


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