Problem with D70 writing to CF card (odd behaviour)

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Problem with D70 writing to CF card (odd behaviour)

Problem description:

Write error (or a delete error) to the card, one file damaged. Suddenly all files look damaged. Push CF card out and in again (also camera on and off), all files but one reappear and the camera writes all new files without a problem.
Opened the card on the computer.

  • There are now two maps, 100NCD70 with all files until the file with an error. The other is 101NCD70 with all files after the error

  • the file numbering is now 5910, 5911, 5912 (only the jpeg is listed, but it is a zero bytes file, this is where it went wrong), 5910 (again but it is another photo!), 5914, 5915 etc

  • so, I have two different 5910's and no 5913, there is also a jump of four photos in the total number shutter releases (from 6054 to 6058*)

What happened here?

I was shooting at the Superbike Worldchampionship qualifying and shooting like mad, deleting files inbetween, even hitting delete while the camera was still trying to write to the card from the full buffer.

As I just swapped cards (2Gb Dane Elec standard CF, fast enough for my normal stuff and just ok for motorcycle shooting) I first thought that it was the card.

Now I am starting to think that the camera went a bit crazy after me hitting delete rapidly while it was still writing from the buffer (hence the strange file numbering and loss of four shots in shutter count). Maybe it tried to delete and write at the same time to the same address or something like that. Could that be possible?

  • After 2 years of ownership yes, only 6000 shots. But my main subject is motorcycle racing and when I shoot I shoot 800-1000 in a day. All the other stuff maybe 100 in a month.

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