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George Hsia wrote:

Do you know if anyone makes a low
voltage cable for the FL-50? This is the only CO5 cable that I've

The Quantum CO5 cable is intended to be used only with high voltage (330 volts) battery packs.

Quantum also makes a power cable for use with low voltage (6 volts) batteries connected to the Olympus FL-50:

Notice that using the Quantum MKZ3 low-voltage power cable requires cutting a notch in the battery chamber door of the FL-50 flash unit. The notch allows closing the door with the power cable in place.

I STRONGLY recommend that Olympus FL-50 owners NOT buy or make use of the Quantum MKZ3 low-voltage power cable.

The Olympus FL-50 is special. In full power, manual mode, the FL-50 can recycle about 2 seconds faster (using AA Ni-MH batteries) than comparable Canon and Nikon flash units. This is because the FL-50 is designed to draw an uncommonly high amount of current from the batteries as it recycles - about 13 amps.

The Quantum MKZ3 power cable uses wiring components which are not designed to deliver the high level of amperage the FL-50 requires, which is to say the resistance of the wiring is too much for the FL-50. When the Quantum MKZ3 connects a 6 volt battery to the FL-50, then the FL-50 will require about 5 seconds to recycle when in full-power, manual mode. This compares to only 4 seconds required to recycle when using 4 AA-sized Ni-MH batteries. Believe it or not, using the Quantum MKZ3 cable and a 6 volt lead-acid battery will result in slower recycle times than if you were using 4 AA-sized Ni-MH batteries.

I have done very, very, very extensive research on battery power supplies for the Olympus FL-50. My conclusion is that the best choice for most photographers is the Lumedyne Tiny Cycler, connected to the FL-50 with the Quantum CO5 power cable.


I am a flash battery "expert," with nearly unlimited resources, and the Lumedyne Tiny Cycler is what I use and recommend for most purposes such as wedding photography. The Lumedyne Tiny Cycler is absolutely the most small size and light weight high-voltage battery pack on the market, much smaller and lighter than the Olympus SHV-01. The Lumedyne Tiny Cycler can provide about 250 full-power flashes with the Olympus FL-50, and about 1,000 flashes if in TTL Auto mode. In full-power, manual mode, it will recycle the FL-50 in about 1 second - same as the Olympus SHV-01 battery pack.

One of the most inexpensive solutions for High Voltage battery power to the FL-50 is the Sunpak TR-IIa. These cost about $90.00 USD at B&H Photo, including the battery cartridge and charger. Add the Quantum CO5 power cable and the cost is less than $150. All you need to do is remove the standard, permanently attached Sunpak power cable, and connect the Quantum CO5.

Don't try this at home, kids. Connecting a Sunpak TR-IIa to your FL-50, and making it work, is easier said than done. Even if you had the wherewithall to do it, as I do, you would still be better off buying the Lumedyne Tiny Cycler.

What follows is a comparison between the Quantum CO5 High-Voltage power cable, and the cable supplied with the Olympus SHV-01 battery pack:

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