new review of D80(i believe no one have seen it)

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Re: Nice noise and no banding ;)

Hmmm... what you said is possible. I'll keep watching.

One thing for sure... colors from this camera are very pleasing.

BTW, with 2-channel instead of 4-channel readout, banding shouldn't happen.

J Mankila wrote:

Photobug wrote:

The shadow noise is not too impressive. What's going on?

I don't think anything's going on other than difficult lighting.
One might guess red channel has to be boosted because of the
(supposedly) fluorescent light?

I was struck by how nice look the noise had.. Although it could
be less - I was thinking it might be more like ISO 800 or
thereabouts. But take a look at the guys' feet - it looks like
perfect film with all the grain and such

But look at the bright side (pun) - there's absolutely no hint of
banding in the other shots that look awfully lot like those pesky
banding tests we had to endure back then

Janne Mankila

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