new review of D80(i believe no one have seen it)

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... if you look at this ISO 500 sample image:

The shadow noise is not too impressive. What's going on?

Photobug wrote:
... and is surprisingly on about equal footing with 400D, even at
ISO 1600. Don't know why it has totally different tint than D200 or
400D in those samples though.

This test clearly shows the improvement Nikon's (or Sony?) made on
high ISO noise from D200 to D80. I didn't like what I saw with D200
in this regard but D80 gives me new hope. If Nikon come out with
D200s with D80's noise performance, I'll take one in a heart beat
for its AI metering capability.

Thanks so much for the great find!


filmstyle wrote:

from Korean site.

includs many sample, noise test, etc.

page loading may slow due to amout of pics.

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