new review of D80(i believe no one have seen it)

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Re: new review of D80(i believe no one have seen it)

nik0n0clast wrote:

I haven't looked at all the samples, but I viewed the one of the
bicycle full size. Looks pretty bad to me. The lettering on the
bike is fuzzy and I can't see a really sharp point of focus. The
reflector on the back wheel has a halo, almost like gaussian blur.
Was the lens fogged up? Oh well, I won't decide anything until I
see a more indepth review. But I wouldn't order this until I see
results with a top quality lens and very careful technique.

I've seen that one too, but IMHO, that's just out of focus. if you see other pics, you can see the clear focus. and the lens... that's just 'bundle' lens..for those who wants to use better lens like 50.4, it doesn't matter i think.

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