new review of D80(i believe no one have seen it)

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J Mankila
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Yep! Nikon has a new approach...

AndreRienstra wrote:

I must say Nikon finally improved their colors. IMHO never liked
those of the D70 but there are much better.

I'm with you on this one. D70 gives wonderful raw-images if you take the time to adjust them. And the jpeg-files are soft no matter what you do to them, so I see raw's the only way to shoot with D70.

The colours seem a lot more like D200, which is a good thing, in my opinion. Less need to adjust photos in PP, but gives you the control if you want it.

If the response curve is the same as with D200, then it's more good news. While Canon's usually flatten the highlights in order to make mid-tones more contrasty, Nikon clearly prefers a more linear curve. The latter gives more pop to the highlights also and makes things easier for those who prefer to expose-to-the-right when they have the time in their hands.

What surprised me in the high ISO pics from the D80 that the saturation was kept even with sensitivities like 1600 and 3200! Well done! And what's more important, you get to choose which kind of noise you like. Personally, I'd switch the NR OFF up until HI-1, where I'd probably use NR LOW. The noise might be more visible, but at least it looks a lot more natural and film-like.

Janne Mankila

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