E-300 Stolen, what do I do next? E-1?

Started Aug 29, 2006 | Discussions thread
daddyo Forum Pro • Posts: 12,265
Based on your needs...

I don't think you could do much better than the E-1. It is easier to use than the E-300 because of the control layout. It also has a more accurate Auto WB than the E-300. The 50-200mm is worth every penny it sells for -- it's fast and very sharp. However, it is quite a bit heavier than the 40-150mm. As far as someone's comment about the poor image review speed of the E-1 -- that is pure nonsense. By the time you take the camera from your eye and look at the screen in image appears for review -- it's very fast if you shoot Jpegs. The only real edge the E-300 has there is the much higher review magnification. The E-1 is a winner in my book.

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