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Update: PTLens and Proxel examples, [1.7 megabytes]

PTLens, DxO and Proxel examples, [1.7 megabytes]

Since a couple of days we have seen a new lens corrector tool: Proxel.Until now we have had some native gimp and PSP tools, and for Photoshop PTLens (also as standalone). DxO still don't support Pentax so let's forget them, totally now. Proxel is a new Photoshop plugin.

Some things have changed since this thread was started: PTLens is no longer freeware. You have to pay USD10 for a lifetime license. No big deal: you get a good tool that can correct lens distorsion, and also correct some CA problems (sometimes needed with the Zenitar!) and straighten horizonts (I often need that...).

Proxel, the newcomer, is payware. With a pricetag at EUR34 it's a little more expensive than PTLens. It comes as a Photoshop automation plugin only and has no other features than correct distorsion. So, what good is that idea?

Two things, both are important: you get two different parts with the download. First there is a standalone lens distorsion analyzer. Easy to use (if you read the manual the first time...) and it provides you with good profiles for any lens you have in a few minutes time. Great stuff. The other important feature is that Proxel instead of squeezing the adjusted picture into the canvas instead stretches the canvas, while maintaining the original pixels in the center of the picture. More about that in this thread where John Bean presents his early findings:

What does it look like? Here is sample picture from one of the posts above:

Copyright note: All pictures in this post are ©Jonas B, 2005, 2006

I'll take the same picture and run it in different ways. Here is for a start:

Above: Picture 1, opened in photoshop (ACR), nearly no PP, 50% size, usm

Above: Pic 1 again: a 100& size, a crop of the center part

Above: Picture 2, opened and treated with PTLens, standard Zenitar profile (which possibly not longer is delivered with PTLens if you buy it but instead superseeded by a new database, see next picture). Again 50% size, same usm treat as the pictures above

Above: Picture 2 again, but at 100& size, a crop of the center part

Above: Pic 3: Here we have the "new" version of PTLens correction using the Fisheye setting. We can see that the picture no longer is cropped at the sides, but instead at the top and bottom. There is a slider deciding what amount of anti fisheye correction the picture gets. Maybe I dragged the slider a "%" or two too much to the right. Or not.

Above: Picture 3 again but at 100& size, a crop of the center part

Above: Picture 4: Now the original pic is treatened with Proxel and the homemade profile. It is still 50% but somewhat bigger as Proxel enlarges the canvas to fit the final picture.

Above: Pic 4: Again a 100% crop of the center part, again the same level of usm as all pics.

I hope these pictures can help when thinking of a possibly corrector.

You are welcome to add your findings or your own samples to the thread.

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