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Started Dec 31, 2001 | Discussions thread
Scott Olds Senior Member • Posts: 1,112
Re: Thoughtful, intelligent and helpful people...outnumbered?

Mike Kelley wrote:
I actually think most of the people who have participated here over
the last six months (and those going back even longer, before there
was a separate Canon SLR forum) are intelligent, thoughtful and
helpful individuals whom I'd love to buy a cold one. Someone like
Scott (who indeed I have disagreed with at times) fits that
category. I am desperately not trying to be elitist but it does
seem there are more and more people participating here who do not
fit that category -- it's very useless to engage in discussion with
those people.


Thanks Miike, the funny thing is that I agree with you probably about 99% of the time. Some of our disagreements have even led to my rethinking an approach or two. As for the Wacom, I really did appreciate your bringing this up. It is a big help.


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