Proxel Lens Corrector

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Re: Proxel Lens Corrector

John Bean (UK) wrote:

Joseph Tainter wrote:

Each of your corrected images shows loss of contrast, at least on
my lcd screen. Is that a consequence of these programs?

They do? Sorry I can't answer that. I can't see any difference.
Anybody else see what Joe is seeing?

Hmm. No. I can see virtually no difference between the pictures. (Also on LCD, freshly calibrated whatever allthough that has little to do with this.)

I even downloaded the Fudge Shop pictures and checked the histograms in Photoshop, then checked highlights and lost shadow details and I would say they are the same. The histograms changes, true, but minimal and not at the edges.

Joe, can it be that you are scrolling the pictures up and down to compare them and that your screen is angled so pictures at the top aren't looking the same as pictures at the bottom of the screen? I sure know I have that problem with a laptop here.

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