D60 - not rumor!!!

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Andrew Grant Senior Member • Posts: 2,219
Re: This would fit some earlier rumors/comments by Canon

Michael Martin wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Previously, I recall comments from Canon that they would release
digital SLR's across the board, similar to their film range and
that there would be a digital Rebel. Quite possibly the D60 could
be their digital Rebel with a smaller consumer CCD.


Since this new camera was announced by Monte Zucker (albeit
accidentally) on another forum website, I really doubt that he
would endorse any camera more consumer-like than the D30.

Why not. Perhaps he was paid to.

I have a feeling this is a 6mp CMOS camera mid-range camera, better
than the D30 but lacking the 45 autofocus points of the EOS 1D.

Possibly, but something between the D30 and the 1D is just as likely to have the 45 focus points. It could be called the 3D or the D3.

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