A few notes that probably won't help newbies...

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A few notes that probably won't help newbies...

When you spend many months using this forum, you start to notice recurring patterns. To save a few of the new users a little time and to help them settle in, they may find the following useful (but then again they probably wont):

350D users -

When arriving you will of course be enamoured with your camera. Pictures of your cat(s) are more than welcome, and a delight to all. When commenting on your camera, do be sure to refer to its "wonderfully compact, take anywhere" size. Also be sure to highlight that the sensor is essentially the same as that used in the 20D/30D, so your pictures will jolly well be as good as theirs (or would be if they hadn't left their bulky camera at home because it was just too darn heavy).

Try to publicly declare that you wouldn't exchange your camera for the world, especially not for anything larger. If possible, state that you are 6 foot four with hands like a mechanical digger, but your camera fits you like a silken glove.

The correct attitude for owners of the 300D is reserved sympathy.

Privately dream of exhanging your grandmother and the loose change in your pocket for anything that gets you off the bottom rung of the EOS ladder, but thank your maker daily that he did not lead you down the path of Nikon.

30D users -

Be sure to point out that your choice of camera all but makes you a pro. Pictures of your cat(s) are still more than welcome, it will be a pleasure to see how it has grown (or been upgraded for a better model).

Do be sure to emphasise that you are not a 350D user. If possible refer to the 350 as a "toy". When describing it, the world "plasticky" may be distributed liberally like confetti at a particularly joyful wedding (a wedding at which you would no doubt take better shots than that chump calling himself a "pro").

The correct attitude for owners of the 20D is one of reserved sympathy.

At opportune moments it would be helpful to point out the benefits of the 1.6 crop, which have all but led you to the conclusion that you really don't want a 5D after all.

Be prepared privately to pledge your firstborn daughter in marriage should you ever have the opportunity to acquire a 5D.

5D users -

My, is that your cat again - simply delightful (and with far greater dynamic range if I may say so)!

Being far removed from the 350D users, you may now complement that camera for its wonderful performance and image quality, "given the right glass" of course. Do make sure however that it is always a wonderful "little" camera, lest your praise sound too unstinting.

The correct atttitude to adopt to users of the 20/30D is one of reserved sympathy. They cannot help being trapped in a world of the 1.6 crop. Be sure to use the terms "full frame" and "extreme wideangle" when speaking to them - but it is polite to pretend not to notice them wince. Should the conversation turn to vingetting you may or course feign illness and leave the conversation.

Content yourself in the knowledge that anyone in the forum with a bigger camera than you is just showing off, and no good will come of it.

For all new users, the correct attitude to adopt for those who use Nikon is one of enormous, patronising sympathy. This should be followed rapidly by frustration, anger and threatened violence should they refuse to immediately recant their evil ways and/or accept that in most countries they could be classed as certifiably insane.


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