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Re: PTLens update

Thomas Niemann wrote:

Just finished doing a profile for a 1.5 multiplier for the Sigma
17-70 for PTLens.

That's good to know Thomas, I've always used PTLens in the past and very good it is too, in some ways better than Proxel in terms of the available tools for CA correction, etc. But the big attraction for me was your next question:

I do have a question. It was my understanding that Photoshop
plug-ins can't change the aspect ratio of an image. However, per
your examples, this is possible. Am I interpreting you correctly?

Yes you are. It does change the canvas size to match the corrected image rather than shrinking it to stay inside the original bounds.

It's an automation plugin rather than a filter, I understand that this is what allows the canvas size change. It gives me a huge advantage in central resolution of corrected fisheye images compared with any other correction tool I've tried.

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