Refurbished Epson P2000?????

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Re: Refurbished Epson P2000?????

Not sure I can answer all your questions - but will try ....

SK wrote:

I recently purchased a refurbished P2000..Couple quick questions;

  • It says 2004 on the plate on the back - how do I tell if software

is most recent?

When you power on, go to Settings. In the bottom right hand corner you will see the version # for the software installed on your device. Not sure what is the most current version - you can go to the Epson site and check.

  • I Dont see the "rotate" function in the menue (for albums)

Again - go to Settings. There is a tab for Rotate - I believe it is an auto-rotate for certain files. My RAW files do not rotate....jpgs do.

  • Cant I enlarge NEF files, or just JPG as it seems??

Cannot enlarge RAW files - just jpgs. I believe the newer models may enable this zoom function for RAW files, but not the p2000. But - on the positive side - the RAW files load and view so much quicker than jpgs.

  • Is the batterty as pathetic as it seems? Maybe 1 hr of heavy


No - mine is good. I get way more use than that - as in a whole day of use.....loading lots of cards, lots of viewing, more cards and so forth.

  • Can I add music that is then used as part of the slide show


No - don't think so. You could make a slideshow with music on your computer, convert to a compatible video file, and load on the p2000. That would be about it though.

I have never used my p2000 for anything except photo storage.

Thks!! SK

Well good luck with your new device. I have had mine since January and I sure do get alot of good use from it. All of my photo friends drool over it and the gorgeous screen.

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