D60 - not rumor!!!

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Re: D60? That name suggests lower model than D30.

Who said I wanted this camera? And because of the number, at that?

I was questioning whether or not the original poster had his facts straight, because his information doesn't agree with Canon's 12 year history with EOS bodies, be they film or digital.

RichW wrote:
Amazing. We are reduced to wanting a camera because of the
NUMBER!! Reminds my when Bill Gates went form Word 3 (or whatever)
to Word 6 to keep up with WordPerfect.. and it sold like crazy!!
Personally I like big numbers and will wait for the D100......
It's sure to be at least 3 times as good as the D30.


Trenton wrote:
It seems pretty consistant to me. (I'm talking about EOS cameras
only) Is there an instance where a higher number camera is
marketed above a lower numbered one? I can't think of one, but
maybe I'm wrong. Sure... the intervals are not always consistant,

Canon's product numbering schemes are even more confused than
Nikon's. I think about the only conclusion you can draw from them
is that the numbers are obtained by having chimpanzees throw darts
at a large board with numbers painted on it.

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