D60 - not rumor!!!

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mark kay Veteran Member • Posts: 5,477
Re: D60? That name suggests lower model than D30.

There has been talk about a "rebel" like digital SLR. Perhaps the D60 is that camera rather than a true D30 upgrade? Remember when the 1D rumors were flying about it being a D30 replacement etc. with every imaginable configuration of megapixels, sensors etc. mark

Trenton wrote:
It seems pretty consistant to me. (I'm talking about EOS cameras
only) Is there an instance where a higher number camera is
marketed above a lower numbered one? I can't think of one, but
maybe I'm wrong. Sure... the intervals are not always consistant,

Canon's product numbering schemes are even more confused than
Nikon's. I think about the only conclusion you can draw from them
is that the numbers are obtained by having chimpanzees throw darts
at a large board with numbers painted on it.

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