Ultra CLOSE-UP with F505,F700,F770 (5X Zoom needed)

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Ultra CLOSE-UP with F505,F700,F770 (5X Zoom needed)

Ultra CLOSE-UP with F505,F700,F770 (5X Zoom needed)
(an article by Dentist Murat Tasci)

Firstly I want to thank to WIM (in discussion group he is famous about using PEAK LUPE 10X with his Canon S10) about his efforts and kindness to share his knowledge with us.

This is not a competition in between Sony DSC-F505 and Canon S10 (or S20) which I always see these cameras as one of the finest digital cameras on market.
It is about using your equipment correctly, and imaging new solutions.

With 10X PEAK LUPE combination WIM showed us a non-macro camera become the most wanted MACRO digicam.

(I am Sorry about Nikon users can not appreciate his effort, instead they are jealous of the pictures Canon S10 get)

I will show you how to get [1:3.6] magnification (based on 35mm films) with Sony F505.
(You can download original image to verify that it was taken with F505)

You will need

  • SLR lens ( I will use f:1.2 Nikkor which is really expensive)

  • Adapter to use lens reversed ( I made custom from 52to58mm filter converters. I bought 2 of them. I glued them together and use them as an adapter)

  • Sony DSC-F505, DSC-F700,DSC-F770 (any camera that accepts 49,52,55,58mm filters)

You can take close-up of an area of 0.75cm x 1cm (Wow!)

I will post nature photographs if I have time to take. But do not expect it to be as beautiful as WIM, he is real photographer.

The close-ups are DISTORTION-FREE, because of the very high quality Nikkor lens (expensive).

Please send magnification ratios based on 35mm films(36mm x 24mm)
area you cover in the close-up to make comparison.

Here is the METER SHOT(1mm is 0.039 inch)

for original COPY and PASTE that address in your browser

The Zoom factor is 1X (38mm) The image is limited to reversed lens maximum aperture.

The Zoom factor is 5X (190mm) Notice the image is covered in full frame.

You can see that you should Zoom 5X to get full frame. Autofocus works well. USE TRIPOD to take steady pictures.
I will wait for your comments.

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