Technology or Talent?

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Technology or Talent?

A Visual Arts reporter wrote a column about the MN State Fair Fine Arts exhibition ( ) and has this to say about my photo posted below:

"Photography lacks the edge it showed in recent years. First place went to Ryan Kane's digital print of a baby splashing in a bathtub. Its astounding high-megapixel detail makes each airborne water droplet a world unto itself. Should we thank talent or technology?"

Now the question is interesting, but I have to wonder about its validity. The photo was taken with a Konica-Minolta A2, cropped to less than 5MP, and printed as a 16x20. So the camera is 2.5 years since its release and the "high-megapixel detail" is a level of detail achieved in the digital realm around 4 years ago. Not exactly what one would call "cutting edge".

But this still begs the question, in the area of detail, does film provide more detail than a 5MP? I believe so and if so, the technology to produce the level of detail in that photo has been around over 100 years.

Something tells me when analyzing the level of detail, the question of talent or technology is fairly nonsensical.

I would think questioning the sharpness would be more of a technology vs. talent question, but not the detail. I used autofocus to capture the shot and with the A2's low shutter lag and speedy shot-to-shot times, the technology surely helped. Then again, film cameras had no shutter lag and were generally much faster shot-to-shot than my digital camera. Mine is simply not in the game when comparing to SLRs or dSLRs today or even from many years back.

I guess, technologically, this image has been possible for quite a long time. So, Talent or Technology?

Anyone else?

BroncoGuy wrote:

Thanks to the help of the photography and A2 experts, a photo I
took with my A2 won the photography competition at the 2006
Minnesota State Fair.

Here is the picture:

Thank you all very much. And if you live near Minnesota and can
get to the fair, stop by and check out the Fine Arts gallery. The
Fair opens tomorrow and runs until Labor Day.

Ryan Kane

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