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Re: Too harsh?

Paul S. wrote:

Lack of an LCD backlight was one of the reasons I sold my Elan 7
and bought an EOS 3. Now with the D30 I'm running into some of the
same headaches, though they aren't as severe, IMHO.

Yeah, it's not a big issue. Just a "wish it had..."

Oddly enough, on my A-1, I never really needed more than the basic photographic settings - granted it was a less-complicated camera... So no big thing.

The ISO setting
can be changed from the menu on the rear LCD. Also, if you push
the "Info" button while not in playback mode, it will display some
info about the camera's current state. I think it will show the
metering pattern, etc.

This is true... You can at least see most of the information that the top LCD conveys via the "info" function on the rear LCD. That's a good thing at least - as long as you don't have to change any of the settings - but even then, you could handle the one-off change here and there with this method. Good thinking - I hadn't thought of that!

What would be really nice is a mode where
the D30 displays a clone of the top LCD on the rear LCD. This
would not only be handy at night, but also when the camera is on a
tripod and you can't see the top LCD.

Now you're talking... That would be a really nice feature, I would think easy to implement - and would solve the backlighting issue.

As for flashlights, I'm a big convert to LED-based lights (huge
battery life, and very dependable). I always carry a
"Micro-Light(tm)" on my keychain for these occasions.


Very true - LED flashlights are really the way to go. Not only for battery consumption, but they really take a beating, and are often small in size. Normal flashlight bulbs are notoriously flaky and always seem to break their filaments when you needed them most...

Having said that, I'm currently still using my double AA cell mini Maglite. However, I'll definately be on the lookout for a smaller LED-based flashlight.

Good tip!

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